Irresistible Writing Coach

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Irresistible Copywriting Coach and Staff Copywriter for Irresistible Online Marketing, Inc.

Job Summary
The Irresistible Copywriting Coach is a core team member responsible for coaching our company’s clients through creating clear, compelling, effective copywriting for their online marketing campaigns. This role involves regular contact with people and is best suited for someone who can bring out the best in others and guide people towards project completion. Copywriting coaching is co-writing and editing with clients while clarifying the principles and templates of our company’s unique copy creation systems.

This position is ideal for someone who is looking to establish a long-term career with a fast-growing successful company. Professional copywriting experience is required. Since your role involves some help with enrolling clients into coaching packages, a sales background is an added benefit but not required. Also if you have any kind of life or business coaching experience, that is an added plus but not required. We will be training you to deliver our unique coaching systems with clients.

Because we need to avoid creating brand confusion in the marketplace, the Irresistible Copywriting Coach on our team will sign a non-compete agreement and will not offer similar copywriting coaching or training services under their own brand while working with our company.

If you are a copywriter and continue to offer your other clients done-for-you services while working for us, that is fine, as long as your independent offerings do not include copywriting coaching or training.

Responsibilities of this position include:
*Review and edit marketing materials submitted by clients

*Discuss custom edits and content makeover solutions with client input during Irresistible Writing Coaching Sessions.

*Guide clients through implementing Irresistible Online Marketing programs (developed by Vrinda Normand)

*Guide clients through writing marketing materials following specific templates provided by Vrinda Normand’s programs

*Review relevant sections of training materials with clients as needed

*Guide clients through creative blocks and challenges with clarifying their marketing messages

*When needed on occasion, provide copywriting feedback on client forum posts in specific group training programs.

*Have enrollment conversations with potential clients interested in copywriting coaching services offered by our company (you will be eligible for commissions)

*Assist with copywriting projects for Irresistible Online Marketing, Inc as needed on occasion (usually for articles, sales pages and emails)

*From time to time when needed during busy launches, we may need you to fill in as a back-up sales support person responding to online sales questions and having enrollment conversations with potential clients for our programs. You will be eligible for commissions and you will be compensated for your time.

*Each year you will attend 1-3 live events hosted by our company in the San Francisco Bay Area (travel required) to assist with caring for and coaching our clients

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