Teacher Leadership Coach

Teach Plus’ Teacher-Led Practice Network (TLPN) Initiative is an innovative program that recruits, develops, and supports effective, experienced teachers to serve as Teacher Leaders. The Teacher Leadership Coach will train and coach the Teacher Leaders leading Harmony Public Schools’ Regional Professional Learning Communities (PLCs.) Each of Harmony’s PLC Teacher Leaders will commit to guiding a team of peer teachers to improve their practice over the course of the school year, meeting at regular intervals, as provided by the existing PD calendar. PLC Leaders will host PLC meetings that are driven by a collaborative process with participants (described below) in order to focus on timely implementation gaps and learning needs. Each session will result in new or improved standards-aligned best practices for participants to test in their classrooms before the next session. In between sessions, PLC leaders continue to connect with participating teachers through ongoing support in the form of check-ins, virtual peer observations, and conversation through online tools.

Teach Plus has identified four attributes that effective teacher leaders use to improve outcomes across their schools. The Coach will support Teacher Leaders in developing capacity in:

· Skillful Facilitation of Adult Learning
· Evidence-based Decision Making
· Purpose-driven Instructional Leadership
· Change Agency

The Teacher Leadership Coach will work with Teacher Leaders to develop standards-based, teacher-led professional collaboration sessions for their PLC participants. The coach will provide ongoing coaching to the teacher leaders selected to lead this work.

One coach position is located in the Houston area, one in the Dallas area, and one elsewhere in Texas (flexible, but with a preference for Austin or San Antonio.)

Coach and Support Harmony Teacher Leaders

· Foster High Functioning, High Impact Teacher-Leader led PLCs
· Observe and strategically contribute in PLC meetings, when possible.
· Ensure that Teacher Leader initiative work is based in evidence and achieves desired impact.
· Support the ongoing growth and development of Teacher Leaders by providing timely and growth­ oriented feedback: help plan, and also attend, observe (in-person or virtually via video recording), and debrief sessions and meetings
· Meet with Teacher Leaders (in person or virtually) regularly to plan for upcoming PLC sessions, debrief previous session, and engage in leadership coaching and feedback
· Support Teacher Leaders in ongoing practice sharing, analyzing problems of practice, and developing a professional learning network

Coach Professional Learning

Teach Plus invests heavily in the development of the coaching team, supporting travel to ensure that coaches learn from and with each other in the following ways:

· Coach Orientation and support
· Support in planning and facilitating the training for Teacher Leaders
· Bi-weekly one-to-one support provided by the National Instructional Leadership Team
· Periodic observation and feedback on coaching work


To be successful in this role, ideal candidates should have:

· 6+ years in the education field, with preference given to candidates who have both a teaching background and experience coaching teachers and school leaders
· Preference given to leaders who have led instructionally transformational work
· A relentless focus on data, including analysis and using it to inform instruction and make decisions
· Experience in leadership development and facilitation of inquiry with teachers and/or school leaders

Start Date and Term

The tentative start date for this position is July 31, 2017. Teacher Leadership Coaches may be eligible for renewal on an annual basis on August 1, 2018 based on performance and needs of the organization.

Compensation and Benefits

Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience. Full time employees have access to Teach Plus’s benefit package to include medical and dental insurance, retirement, life insurance, disability, and generous paid time off benefits.

How to Apply

To apply, please complete an online application found here. Teach Plus will receive applications until the position is filled.

Application Link: https://teachplus.tfaforms.net/327833

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