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We are currently hiring 3 High Energy coaches to add to our Awesome team!

1. This is a contract position with a minimum 18 month commitment.
2. Coaches are expected to accept a minimum of 10 one-hour clients each week after working with us for the first 6 months. *We provide the clients.
3. Each of our coaches must go through ADHD specific training with Company President Shanna Pearson, and ongoing weekly training/ assessment calls.

One Focus Total Success Inc. is North America’s #1 coaching company for Adults with ADD/ADHD.  We have a very high demand for our services because of Shanna Pearson’s successful coaching style and ADHD Coaching System.

Our Coaching is RESULTS based and Action Oriented.
We have a diverse team of over 15 expert coaches, and we are able to match each new client with a coach who is a great fit for that client’s particular challenges and coaching needs – ensuring a great client-coach relationship from the start!  All coaching sessions take place over the phone on a high quality land-line.

Already a Great coach? Want more clients?
Our coaches each coach between 10-30 clients/week.

Many of our best coaches come from an executive or business coaching background, are skilled in task management and productivity strategies, yet are also able to coach clients with deeper personal challenges.

The applicants we are looking for are energetic, successful in their own lives, accountable, professional and walk their talk. We measure someone’s success as a coach by the progress of his/her clients.

* University Degree.
* High-energy “ADHD friendly” personality!
* Prior Experience as a Paid coach or counsellor.
* Wants to be trained in our coaching strategies.
* “Gets” / Understands people who are ADHD – from personal experience.
* North American long distance plan on a land-line (our clients live all across North America).

We train our coaches in the techniques that WORK for adults with ADHD so that our clients receive the highest quality coaching and we make a tremendous difference in their lives long term!

If you think this opportunity is right for you, please go to and read the application instructions carefully.

ONE FOCUS TOTAL SUCCESS INC. “Super Success for the Smart yet Scattered”

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