Business Coach (Mexico City, Mexico)

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Job description

Work directly with a range of clients throughout Mexico, between 2-5 days per week with a given client for 3-12 months, to support the implementation phase of a larger transformation programme.

Coach sales managers and others, and facilitate learning workshops on a wide range of topics, including sales and marketing capability building, leadership transformation and team mindsets. At least the following four skills are needed to succeed in this direct coaching work: identifying quickly where a coachee needs help; helping a coachee create a tactical action plan; surfacing deeper concerns and working at the level of mindset; confidence to influence coachees (many of whom will be significantly older) using a variety of techniques – not just questioning or stating.

Depending on experience, some coaches will be involved in finalising the design of the coaching interventions for each client.  Some coaches will also supervise and develop other coaches in the team, ensuring quality and effectiveness.

Three roles will work together in this work:

  • The five regions of USA, Europe, Asian subcontinent, China and Far East will have Regional Co-ordinators.
  • Each project will be led by a Coach (depending on seniority)
  • Coaches will also work on projects

Desired Skills and Experience

Core characteristics (required)

  • Has worked as a seller and/or sales manager for at least 2 years, and at least 5 years business experience
  • Fluent in Spanish and English
  • Coaching skills
  • Credible leadership presence with excellent relationship building skills
  • Ability to learn quickly and deliver a large amount of wide range of new material
  • Evidence of significant personal drive and tenacity
  • Ability to manage and develop others
  • Willingness to travel

Desired characteristics

  • Proven facilitation excellence
  • Consulting background
  • Coaching accreditation or qualification

About this company

Artesian is a growing Organizational Behavior Consultancy firm, based in Winchester and Oxford in the UK. Over the past 7 years, Artesian has grown to serve global clients, recently delivering work in US, Singapore, China, and Australia, in addition to growing our presence in Europe.

We deliver high quality facilitation and coaching interventions, inspiring organizational transformation in skills, capabilities and mindsets, to sustain exceptional performance.  Our 3 Directors and 50 Associates work with leaders and their teams in a wide range of large and medium sized organizations across all sectors, both private and public.

Artesian has client interest in Central and Southern American and seeks Business Sales Coaches in Mexico.  The work you would be involved in is distinctive in several ways: rewarding, flexible and with the largest multinationals.

For the role of Sales Coach, we are looking for the type of person with experience as a seller, and who can design client coaching interventions.  The successful candidate will be someone who is energised by helping develop others at a rate and to a level that is beyond their expectations.

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