Career Coach (India)

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Do you wish to build a career in Coaching, today or in the future?

Do you have a strong belief in human potential?

Do you believe that you are open-minded, non-judgmental and connect well with young people?

Do you believe in (or have your own example of) following a career in the direction of your passion?

If your answer to any of the above questions is a resounding Yes! read on…

We at The Potter’s Earth are hiring Career Coaches. We call them DreamCoaches, as they are instrumental in helping young people find their dreams and make them happen! As a Potter’s Earth DreamCoach, you will work with teenagers and young adults to help them find and pursue careers in areas they are truly passionate about. You will be part of a closely knit mutually supportive community, and will get the joy of seeing your efforts bear fruit as your young coachees find their wings and soar to claim their skies!

What’s in it for You?

– An opportunity to build your skills and knowledge in Coaching – an up and coming career option in India.

– Access to a mutually supportive Coaches Community to exchange ideas, network and opportunities

– A chance to shape young minds and help them make informed career choices

– A platform to promote your own services and build your brand as a Youth Coach or Life Coach

We will provide you:

– 2-day training in our unique coaching model DreamCoAch, where you will learn about the process and gain knowledge of coaching tools, skills and techniques

– An initial engagement period of 3 months with stipend, extendable via mutual agreement

– Skype-enabled technology platform through our online DreamCoAch Portal so you have the option of doing live face2face coaching sessions without logistical and travel constraints

How does it work?

– You can explore this as a full-time opportunity, or alongside a day job as an office-goer or a home-maker who is looking to take your first baby steps towards a career in coaching.

As a DreamCoach with the Potter’s Earth you will deliver our coaching programs in schools on an assignment basis. A typical coaching assignment will comprise of 12 coaching sessions spread over 3 months, and an additional few hours to collate and submit reports after each session. You will be paid per coaching assignment, and will begin with a minimum contract of 3 months, extendable after mutual agreement.

Desired Skills and ExperienceSkills: Coaching, Counseling

Work Experience: 5 – 15 Years (relevant working experience in teaching and career counselling teenage students would be preferred)

Location: Work from home, or, in Pune.

About this company
The Potters Earth Coaching is an initiative aimed at empowering Young India to make unique career choices in the direction of their true passion.

We are a team of Youth Coaches who believe that a young generation empowered with knowledge & self-belief, enabled to make value-based career and life choices, will grow into responsible citizens who are motivated, engaged, and contributing to the growth of society to the best of their abilities.

We partner with schools to work with teenage students, through a self-managed, individualized coaching process facilitated by trained and experienced coaches, and aided by online tools and communities.

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