Coaching Practice Leader

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As part of the CCL America’s Coaching Practice, the Coaching Practice Leader (CPL) advances CCL’s portfolio of integrated leadership solutions by developing, selling, managing and delivering five coaching solutions: Executive Coaching, Integrated Coaching, Team Coaching, Coaching Skills Programs and Developing Coaching Cultures.

Essentials for this role include:

  • Demonstrated experience helping organizations develop a coaching culture
  • Strong business development background with Fortune 500 experience and a desire to meet revenue targets
  • Proven history of equipping others (other faculty and sales staff) with the ability to design, sell and execute large scale coaching solutions
  • Master’s degree in a closely related field
  • Current credentials with the International Coach Federation (ICF) or an equivalent

The Coaching Practice Leader (CPL) has responsibility and authority to advance the portfolio of integrated leadership solutions by focusing primarily on five coaching solutions:

  • Executive coaching (one-off, large scale, feedback, feedback plus, Apex, etc.)
  • Integrated coaching (designed into and around a leadership program)
  • Team coaching (ranging from process facilitation to team development)
  • Coaching skills and certificate programs (CGE, CHRP and custom coaching programs)
  • Coaching culture engagements

This focus, accountability and authority is executed on three levels:

  • Ensuring the development, marketing, design, sales and execution of coaching solutions for their respective campus
  • Leading the development of related resources necessary (IP, case studies, whitepapers, proposal and pricing templates, marketing materials, etc.) for a particular coaching solution assigned to them (i.e. Executive, Integrated, Team, Coaching Skills/Certificate Programs and/or Coaching Culture) so that others (faculty and sales in particular) may more effectively market, design, sell and deliver the solution
  • Supporting the development, sales and execution of coaching solutions across the Americas

The Coaching Practice Leader’s work is most often accomplished through 5 key roles:

  • As a subject matter expert, consults with sales, faculty and clients in the marketing, design, sale and execution of coaching solutions.
  • As a faculty member, designs and delivers leadership programs with a focus on coaching solutions.
  • As a business leader, works in collaboration with the Director of Coaching, Managing Director, and Sales leaders to achieve revenue and margin targets and grow the business.
  • As a multiplier, increases the impact of the Coaching Team by ensuring all needed collateral to market, design, sell and execute coaching solutions are provided to faculty, sales and other internal stakeholders.
  • As a member of the America’s Coaching Team, contributes to strategic conversations about coaching business strategy, the development of the portfolio and works in close collaboration with the Coaching Talent Manager and other coaching leaders.

It is expected that 90% of a CPL’s time will be spent supporting coaching solutions that drive coaching revenue as well as OE coaching programs and the coaching portion of custom integrated solutions. Up to 10% of a CPM’s time may be spent outside of coaching supporting other work that CCL does.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities

SME and Faculty Roles

  • Serve as a coaching subject matter expert by advising faculty, sales and clients on coaching solutions in collaboration and alignment with other coaching leaders including the Coaching Talent Leader.
  • Regularly attend campus faculty and sales meetings in order to build awareness and advocate for coaching solutions, reinforce best practices and serve as a resource on coaching solutions.
  • Ensure quality and consistency standards are met in designs and delivery and in accordance with CCL philosophy. In particular, Practice Leaders should be engaged in any design and give final approval anytime a solution is significantly different than our standard offerings in its design, content, methodology, rigor or approach.
  • Responsible for contributing to content related material (promotional materials, trainer guides, power point shows, publications, etc.).
  • Responsible for some classroom and program delivery, including virtual offerings and particularly of coaching programs. (Amount to be determined based on scope of role)
  • Recommends and/or creates systems for monitoring and evaluating coaching solutions.

Business Leader Role

  • Proactively manage and help the organization navigate the polarities that sometimes exist between growing and sustaining a profitable coaching business, supporting integrated leadership solutions and advocating for rigorous coaching practices built on best practices.
  • Share responsibility with Sales colleagues, the Managing Director and the Director of Coaching for coaching revenue and margin.
  • Works in concert with the Operations Manager and Operations Associates to ensure overall quality of the client experience.
  • Identifies where areas of improvement and/or innovation in our coaching solutions, business and processes are needed and participates in teams focused on these developments.
  • Understands the market, competitors, and trends in order to help inform and make strategic decisions for the coaching practice.

Multiplier Role

  • Advises the Design and Delivery Manager as well as the scheduling team to ensure appropriate faculty are assigned to coaching solutions.
  • Collaborate with the Design & Delivery Manager on capability development of faculty, ensuring they have the resources and understanding needed to design coaching solutions.
  • Collaborate with the Regional Sales Director on capability development of sales, ensuring they have the resources and understanding needed to design and sell coaching solutions.
  • Ensure the right resources and collateral are developed and shared among internal stakeholders to market, design, sell and execute coaching solutions, particularly the coaching solution they are assigned.

Member of America’s Coaching Team

  • Participate in strategic conversations about CCL’s coaching practice and provide insight into needs at the local level.
  • Lead the development of all needed collateral to market, design, sell and execute the coaching solution they have primary responsibility to develop.
  • Involved in special projects as needed to improve CCL’s coaching practice. May be a member on select revision and new product development teams
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

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