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Company: Instructional Connections, Inc.
Location: District of Columbia-DC (United States)

Instructional Connections, Inc. is a fully integrated provider of high quality instructional support services to colleges and universities that offer online courses and degree programs. Universities work collaboratively with Instructional Connections to deliver high quality courses at an affordable cost. Participating students are assigned an Academic Coach (sometimes referred to by a different title for different programs – Teaching Assistant, Instructional Associate, etc.) during their program of study. We are currently working with 19 universities (over 40 programs) and we’re expected to add several others in the coming year.

Minimum Job Requirements by Program Type:

For Undergrad & Graduate Nursing Programs:
A current and valid RN license and Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) or greater is required. PhD Nursing or DNP (doctorate/terminal degree) is strongly preferred for MSN programs. Nursing degrees must be from CCNE or NLNAC accredited institutions. Minimum of 3 years of nursing practice experience required; prior experience teaching experienced is highly preferred. RN License in Ohio is a plus; if you are willing to obtain a RN License in Ohio – at you own expense – this could increase your potential for coaching assignments. Preference given to those hold an active Ohio RN License or a RN License in a Compact State.

Nursing Education (MSN REQUIRED)
Nursing Management & Administration (MSN REQUIRED; PhD/DNP Preferred)
Nursing Research & Theory (MSN REQUIRED; PhD Preferred with Work Experience in Research)
Family Nurse Practitioner, Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, Adult Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist (MSN REQUIRED with NP License)
For Undergrad/Core Courses:
A minimum of a Master’s Degree with at least 18+ graduate hours in the specific course content area is required. Experience in online education is preferred. A doctorate/terminal degree is preferred.

Biology (Master’s Degree in Biology or related area REQUIRED)
Business Communication (Master’s in Communications REQUIRED, focus on Business preferred)
Economics (Master’s Degree in Economics or Related Area REQUIRED, experience in teaching Economics preferred, PhD a plus)
Philosophy (Master’s Degree in Philosophy or Related Area REQUIRED)
Political Science (Master’s Degree in Political Science REQUIRED, PhD a plus)
Statistics / Calculus (Master’s Degree in Statistics and/or Mathematics REQUIRED, experience in teaching Stats or Calculus preferred)
Recreational Therapy (Master’s Degree in Recreational Therapy or Related Area AND Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists REQUIRED)
For Business Program:
A minimum of a doctorate/terminal degree in Business related field or actively pursuing a terminal degree with at least 18+ graduate hours in the specific course content area is required. Business degrees must be from AACSB accredited institutions. Experience in online education is preferred.

Accounting (MBA or MS Accounting REQUIRED, CPA desired, PhD preferred)
Economics (Master’s Degree REQUIRED, PhD or DBA preferred)
Finance (Master’s Degree REQUIRED, CFP desired, PhD or DBA preferred)
Management (MBA or equivalent Master’s Degree REQUIRED, PhD or DBA strongly preferred)
For Graduate Education Programs:
A doctorate/terminal degree (PhD or EdD REQUIRED; EdS is not a terminal degree) or actively pursuing a terminal degree is required; with a minimum of a Master’s Degree with at least 18+ graduate hours content area is required. Education degrees must be from NCATE accredited institutions. Minimum of 3 years’ experience in an educational environment or institution.

Bilingual Education / TESOL (EdD/PhD REQUIRED, fluent in Spanish preferred)
Early Childhood Education (EdD/PhD REQUIRED)
Educational Research & Statistics (EdD/PhD REQUIRED)
Literacy Studies / Reading Specialization (EdD/PhD REQUIRED)
Special Education / Autism (EdD/PhD REQUIRED)

More about the position:

Academic Coaches are highly qualified, experienced practitioners who most frequently serve as the liaison between the university faculty member and students. The exact qualifications and requirements of an Academic Coach are tailored according to individual university and program needs. Often the Academic Coach is the student’s initial point of contact, and acts in much a similar fashion that a traditional teaching assistant does in a university.

Coaches monitor student engagement, facilitate course content, provide online student support, and regularly collaborate with university faculty. Academic Coaches serve as facilitators and graders, while university faculty are the teacher of record. Compensation is based on a per-student-per-course formula. About 75% of the courses are 5 to 9-week course cycles and the programs are year round.

The average is approximately 10-15 minutes per student per week; however that can vary on the course you are assigned to and the number of open ended assignments within the course. The Academic Coaching positions are considered part-time work (as an independent contractor).

Academic Coaches who consistently complete coach assignments with quality will be considered for additional sections or responsibilities. We do not want to over extend a coaches’ responsibilities to such a degree that this negatively impacts their ability to serve students. In a first assignment, the practical limit is 50 students, with 30 being more typical. A highly proficient coach with ample time may be assigned up to 150 students but this is the upper limit.

If selected as an applicant, you will be required to complete an Academic Coach Training course (which is a Pre-employment Screening). Participants can expect to commit 4 to 6 hours to the self-paced screening, accomplished over one week. Training includes detailed expectations of an Academic Coach, introduction to the learning management systems (LMS) and a study of the principles of online education. If a participant does not complete this training in the allotted time, he or she may re-enroll in the course again. The training is offered 2-3 times per month and always start on a Monday.

Upon successful competition of the screening (active participation and working through all modules), you are advanced to the contracting phase. The contract is dependent on the success of the background check and screening. Once your contractor package is complete, your name will added to our pool of screened and qualified Academic Coaches ready for an assignment.

Coaches are assigned to courses, and the courses are offered in a carousel format – in which the same course may not be offered each course cycle. The courses are divided into sections of approximately 30 students. You may be assigned to multiple sections within a course.

Coaching assignments are made in consultation with Lead Coaches and/or Coordinating Coaches. Either of whom may guide the candidate in a short orientation to the assigned program and course. Actual course assignments are made near to the course start date and are dependent on many factors including: area and level of graduate study, university approval and student enrollments.

Resumes/Applications received that do not meet the minimum requirement stated above will not be considered or contacted.

Due to the volume of applications received, please be advised that if you have not heard from us within 4 weeks of your application, we are not able give your application further consideration at the present time. Your application will be kept on file for future reference should an opening arise or our university partner’s requirements change.

How to apply/contact: Please apply for this job on the company website by clicking here.

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