Leadership Coaches (Kansas City, Seattle, and Dallas)

This listing is no longer available.

The following describes the opportunity.


Maddalena Transitions Management, Inc. is now hiring Leadership Coaches.

The ideal candidate will be:

-Experienced in Leadership coaching – working with individuals selected for promotional opportunities as well as those they manage or supervise

-Able to work with the Hogan Assessment as conducted by the company’s representative – Need not be versed in the tool, confident in applying data gathered

-Will follow an established client Coaching Model, incorporating approved Coaching Contract template and selected readings into your coaching process

-Sub-contacting to Client’s Master Coach, an independent vendor, submitting monthly invoices for actual time and travel expenses (not travel time) Fee is $200 per Hour

-Must live in Kansas City, Seattle, and/or Dallas.

-Contract is for 6months – 2 hours twice a month on site, in person.  Opportunity for additional work on-site once established

Additional opportunities in other US cities will be announced as available.

To apply, send a resume to Dr. Maddalena, leadershipcoachus@gmail.com.

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