Sales Coach

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Job Overview:
The Sales Coach position will be responsible for the care and development of existing sales professionals that fail to sustain acceptable performance levels for their role. While this role will primarily be focused on tenured under-performing sales professionals there may be times when based on the needs of the business the Sales Coach will assist with certain new hires during their time of transition. Utilizing the BAE Playbook the Sales Coach will provide under-performing sales reps intense one-on-one coaching focused on skills development and reinforcement of desired behaviors that will aid the sales professional in achieving individual team and company goals. The Sales Coach s success will be judged by the degree in which under-performing sales professionals recover and increase and sustain productivity levels following their coaching engagement.

Core Responsibilities:
-Must be willing to travel throughout assigned market conducting side-by-side coaching and monitoring sessions working with sales leaders on sales initiatives and supporting sales through various programs and initiatives. -Work with assigned sales reps that are currently in or potentially heading into a performance plan. Will work with sales rep and their manager to assess skills gaps and using the BAE Playbook will develop an intensive personalized development plan designed to reintegrate the sales professional with the ability to contribute to the team with a higher level of sustained performance. -Candidates for coaching will be sales reps that fail to achieve 50% of assigned quota in any one given month. Coaching engagements will last for a period of 30 days after which the Sales Coach will return the sales professional to his/her team recommend additional coaching or suggest additional performance management actions.-Must be visible and active in the assigned market where under-performing sales professionals can benefit from one-on-one coaching in partnership with sales managers group training through video/conference calls etc.-Work with Sales Managers in development and administration of sales plans that reinforce proper coaching to sales professional during and immediately following their performance management period.-Must be able to create and manage an appropriate schedule to meet the needs of sales teams in assigned markets. Based on the needs of the business may also be assigned to assist in providing additional support to new hires that have moved beyond ramp period (line of demarcation between this role and CU new hire training).-Regularly review sales productivity reports to assess channel health and proactively consult with sales managers on ways to optimize sales performance.-Work closely with Comcast University counterparts to ensure continuity of classroom lead instruction and reinforce proper sales skills and behaviors in the field.

-Evaluates sell-out levels and make proactive recommendations to maximize revenue from available inventory and in a manner that serves clients needs.-Conducts analyses of inventory rate and sales practices to develop sales product efficiencies.-Works with and advises the Manager on weekly rate cards based on inventory skims.-Collaborates with Sales and Traffic/Operations Management to develop evaluate and recommend technical and systematic procedures that make process flow more efficient for the organization as a whole. Identifies problems and recommends solutions.-Works closely with Specialist(s) to manage the placement specialized programming.-Coordinates the flow of information and communication between Sales Sales Support and Traffic departments.-Leads and mentors Sales Support Representatives to help facilitate the completion of accurate work. Provides oversight to overall sales support processes and offer necessary guidance.-Assists with the training and mentoring of new and existing Product Support Analysts on all sales-related procedures and paperwork requirements.-Keeps abreast of sales strategies trends initiatives and best practices within the Company and competitive landscape.-Consistent exercise of independent judgment and discretion in matters of significance.-Regular consistent and punctual attendance. Must be able to work nights and weekends variable schedule(s) as necessary.-Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

-Bachelors Degree or Equivalent-Marketing-Generally requires 5-7 years related experience

Additional Requirements:
-Comcast Business product knowledge preferred.

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