Telephonic Health Coach (Greater Seattle Area)

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Job description

As a telephonic health coach at our Bellevue Well-Being Improvement Center you will:

*       Use your education and expertise to impact our member’s lives in a healthy, positive way.

*       Contact participants that are eligible for the program for enrollment and provide necessary coaching to reduce or eliminate high-risk behaviors.

*       Leverage your strengths and knowledge base to address specific needs of members and improve the health status of individuals and the client’s population.

*       Encourage adoption of habits that are conducive to a higher quality of life.

*       Utilize motivational interviewing techniques to drive behavior change in our members.

*       Support health promotion, disease prevention and care management services.

*       Responsible for supporting operational aspects of the division to meet the organization’s customer requirements and satisfaction.

Desired Skills and Experience


*       Bachelor’s degree in health-related field required.

*       Requires effective interpersonal and communication skills.

*       Proficiency in computer data entry and Microsoft Office.

*       Must be able to utilize telephone and input/retrieve computer information for extended periods of time.

*       Must be able to understand directions and communicate/respond to inquiries.

*       Bi-lingual Spanish speaker’s a plus!

About this company

For three decades, Healthways has been dedicated to improving the human condition. Each year, we learn more and do more for the millions of individuals who count on us to make a difference in their health and well-being. Healthways is a global provider of solutions that help employers, health plans and government agencies enhance business performance and reduce healthcare costs. Our mission is to create a healthier world, one person at a time.

Here at Healthways as we continue to make the world a healthier place, we have also created an environment where people choose to do their best work. Our
unique culture thrives on mission-driven individuals who exude a high sense of energy and passion in everything that they do. Collaboration and teamwork are
an essential part of everyday life for Colleagues who trust and depend on one another to achieve the highest degree of collective success. We are an
organization that strives to recruit the best and the brightest individuals who take pride in the statement “I work for Healthways.”

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