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The Taylor Group is a 25+ year coaching and consulting organization that works with organizations and leaders to work together successfully.

We are seeking a seasoned business professional for a business consultant and coaching position working with organizations, teams and individuals to improve performance, productivity, effectiveness, communication and team alignment.

You will be accountable for your client working effectively with others and producing results in the following areas and more:

  • Business Planning & Execution
  • Employee management and development
  • Effective and productive communication
  • Financial Management
  • Effective team building
  • Leadership

You will be expected to:

  • Generate a full coaching and/or group schedule (80 client hours a month) by the end of the first year.
  • Leverage your core competencies to develop opening offers to new clients
  • Produce quality results with clients [this will be measured by the growth & success of your clients’ organizations & careers, as well as by clients continuing to work with you and referring others to you]
  • Consistently meet your sales and new client targets
  • Consistently deliver on the promises you make to your clients and to the company.
  • Be a team player on a high performance team committed to client service and client results

Desired Skills:

  • Service orientation critical
  • Commitment and track record to your own professional development and a history of that is essential.
  • Proven ability to train others and lead a conversation in front of the room of 30+ participants
  • Minimum undergraduate degree and/or business experience equivalent
  • Demonstrated business track record of producing results
  • Sales experience and track record
  • Coaching Certification helpful but not required if other skills are mastered (or present).
  • Demonstration of coaching effectiveness and track record preferred
  • Willingness and openness to learn to be even more effective
  • Desire and capacity for being both an individual performer and a strong team player
  • Strong communication skills
  • Capacity to develop strong relationships with a wide variety of people to support their success

About this company

With today’s pace of rapid change, each day seems to present a new challenge. Such challenges can be disturbing. They can also be a catalyst for discovery and accomplishment; an invitation to creativity, renewal and growth. The Taylor Group works with organizations, individuals and families — helping not just to manage change, but to generate powerful, creative change.

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