Health Coach (Baton Rouge, LA)

This listing is no longer available.

Omada Health is hiring health coaches for a work-from-home, full-time position. We prefer applicants with existing health coaching, life coaching, or weight loss coaching experience, but most importantly, we’re looking for all-around charismatic, kind, and intelligent people.

Your job will be guiding people with prediabetes through our 16-week online program to help them avoid the progression to type 2 diabetes. You will be fully supported by our online platform, which includes a detailed curriculum and technology to help participants track their progress. Your primary role will be to listen openly to their challenges and help guide them toward healthy choices, keeping them focused, energized, and motivated. Your personal relationship with participants is critical to their satisfaction and success.

We are hiring quickly, and applicants should be ready to start in March 2014. If you do not receive a response to your inquiry, it is likely that the position has been filled. The time expectation will be about 40 hours/week, and it will help if your availability is flexible, with occasional time required on weekends and evenings.

The job will initially require 16 hours of in-person orientation and training, after which point the work can be done remotely from your home.

Key requirements:

  • You are a compassionate and empathetic “people person”
  • You are a talented (and efficient) communicator
  • You are willing to sign up for a strong commitment to participant privacy

To apply, click here.


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