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Job description
Location: We are looking for candidates in the Northeast US, Mid-Atlantic or Western States.

Job Summary

Work with Leader in Me school administrators, leadership teams, and staffs to ensure ‘Lighthouse’ quality results year after year. This position requires senior level consultative and coaching skills as well as a deep understanding of – and previous experience working in – the education market.  Expertise in explaining Franklin Covey Education offerings to organizations, including all tools and training components of The Leader in Me solution, is also critical. Finally, the preferred candidate will possess skills necessary to recommend next steps and create renewal business opportunities to our existing customer base.

In this role, focus will be applied to building exceptional relationships with schools involved in The Leader in Meprocess in order to help them to achieve and maintain ‘lighthouse’ quality results. This will be accomplished through live onsite delivery, frequent virtual communication “in between the seams” of live training, providing additional resources and advice on implementation, and involving all stakeholders engaged with the school to document progress on the path to ‘lighthouse’ results and beyond.

Essential Job Functions

The primary responsibilities of this role include:

o    Quality Results.  Act as a Steward of Quality and Engagement among The Leader in Me member schools.  Partner with existing The Leader in Me schools to guarantee the successful deployment of an implementation plan aligned to “Lighthouse Criteria”. Act as a trusted resource to help ensure The Leader in Me clients achieve organizational and educational results; including improved school cultures, increased teacher engagement, greater parent satisfaction, improved academic results, and reduced discipline problems. One goal is to help 80% of all The Leader in Me schools achieve the quality results that will earn them “Lighthouse” status by their third year of implementation.  After this milestone is achieved at a school, the goal is to maintain a close partnership with the school, complete with frequent touchpoints, to ensure they avoid entropy and maintain “Lighthouse” status for years to come.

o    Facilitate Community. Create a “Virtual” Community by making “White Glove” welcome calls to every single school the coach serves in The Leader in Me process, sending weekly emails and monthly newsletters to each staff member in schools the coach serves, facilitating monthly best practices and implementation webinars among each school the coach serves, and sharing frequent professional development tips and classroom ideas via www.TheLeaderinMe.org web community.

o    Create a “Live” Community by supporting and coaching all staff members from The Leader in Me schools to attend two live local experiences per year (ex. Leadership Days, lunch-and-learns, evening get-togethers), as well as global experiences (ex. Symposiums). Maintain frequent communication with your The Leader in Me schools and all team members assigned to the school (ex. Client Partner, Delivery Consultants, Quality Team).

o    Deliver Live Advanced Coaching. Deliver approximately 50 live advanced coaching days each year to The Leader in Me schools throughout North America. Delivery of advanced coaching will require much diagnostic research, including multiple in depth pre-consults with the school, an investigative study of the history, culture, and demographics of the school, and connecting with other Consultants and Client Partners who serve the school. Based on this diagnostic research, the Coach will then draft a suggested agenda/coaching plan for the live day that all relevant parties will review and sign off on prior to delivery of the day. Most advanced coaching day agendas will include a brief classroom observation and school walk-thru, delivery of relevant and pre-determined coaching content to all staff, as well as time for grade, action, lighthouse, parent, and leadership team level meetings, which should also be delivered with a specific end in mind.  The role of the coach is to act as a “critical friend” and partner to schools throughout The Leader in Me process.

o    Deliver Live “Centerline” Training.  Deliver approximately 50 live training days each year (Vision, 7 Habits, Implementation, Lighthouse Team Training, etc.) to schools throughout North America, primarily during the summer months. Maintain current certification and thorough knowledge of all The Leader in Me workshop content and materials.

o    Strategy and Systems.  Maintain current implementation plans and commentary about schools using The Leader in Me website, Salesforce.com and other systems as applicable. Partner with the product development team to refine functionality and add content to The Leader in Me website. Utilize the CRM Salesforce program and www.TheLeaderinMe.org to share data with all stakeholders involved in communication, research and sales with our client schools and to document progress on the path to Lighthouse.

o    Create Yearly Client Engagement Opportunities.  Facilitate a strong relationship with all current clients. Through this relationship, assist schools with understanding The Leader in Me process, budgeting, and scheduling of next steps. Also encourage schools to maintain a current annual license with access to The Leader in Me website and to coaching services.

Leader in Me Coach Tasks:

The primary tasks of this role include:

o    Annual visit and live Advanced Coaching Day to a set of approximately 50 assigned The Leader in Me schools.

Place frequent phone calls to and virtually communicate weekly with a set of approximately 50 assigned The Leader in Me schools.

o    Schedule next steps in the formal Leader in Me process with assigned The Leader in Me schools as well as communicate the value of the membership package.

o    Review and customize an online “Lighthouse GPS”, as well as other diagnostics and assessments, and recommend online learning modules, for approximately 50 assigned The Leader in Me schools.

o    Work closely with schools in “pods served” to help them maintain “Lighthouse Status”.

o    Prepare schools within “pods served” to achieve “Lighthouse Status” and receive formal “Lighthouse Reviews”.

o    Conduct formal “Lighthouse Reviews” (at schools not assigned to Coach).

o    Conduct monthly webinars available to all The Leader in Me schools within “pods served”.

o    Introduce schools to each other and facilitate school connections.

o    Deliver live onsite “centerline” training to approximately 50 additional schools within “pods served”

o    Consult with FranklinCovey Education Innovation Team to help develop Coaching content, including online and live modules, newsletters and webinars.

o    Contact district leaders and other schools to help drive business.

Desired Skills and Experience

Applicants must have a strong education background. A high degree of energy, patience, empathy, and personal maturity with strong character is essential.  Experience as a school administrator with experience in a The Leader in Me implementation is strongly preferred. Current senior level consultants, coaches, or those with similar qualifications are encouraged to apply.  A well-developed pattern of achievement, contribution, execution, motivation, enthusiasm, and integrity is critical to success in this role. Very strong verbal and written communications skills are essential. Attention to fine details, logistics, and the ability to coordinate communication among several parties is critical. It is highly important that applicants have a deep comfort level with technology and the flexibility to travel heavily.

Franklin Covey is an Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity Employee
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