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Job description

LMI Canada Inc. is a part of a global organization with a well-earned reputation for helping people and organizations dramatically improve their results. Many companies claim to do what we do – but few if any have been doing it for almost 50 years, have their programs available in 23 languages and do work in over 60 countries. Clearly we’re doing something right and doing it well. LMI Canada is offering opportunities to a few qualified people who have the skills, ability and experience to help us meet an ever-increasing demand for our processes, programs and expertise.

Not sure this is for you? Use the following questions to help.

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a successful and proven business model that will allow you to fully use your special networking, facilitation, coaching, leadership and sales skills?

Would you like the freedom of running your own business, building equity for your future and willing to work with a proven system?

Are you prepared and able to financially invest in creating your own business, where you get well rewarded for the results you achieve?

Do you have a strong business career history and experiences that can be used to coach other business leaders and help them succeed and achieve measurable results?

Are you comfortable working with your own network to set up meetings and interview business leaders with a desire to help them achieve their goals?

Would you like to be in business for yourself, but not be by yourself?

If you answered yes, we offer a comprehensive profile assessment to help you determine if you are well-suited to this opportunity. We will invite you to attend a no obligation information meeting and as many subsequent discussions as you need to fully understand the opportunity that the people within our company already understand. 

Consider the following benefits in joining our team:

We offer a turn-key startup system that is battle tested and proven to work .We include start-up training and ongoing mentoring for as long as you want it. You will be supported with marketing materials and a robust online presence on the LMI Canada web site plus access to all our social media and marketing resources.

THE Bottom line

We have the track record, experience and history, but we need the right people to help us continue to grow. So, if you have a passion for helping people and organizations create dramatic improvements in their business results then please check us out and see if our claim to deliver that is true.

Opportunities are currently available in a number of locations across Canada. Please call 1-877-857-4083 or email us to learn more at Please include a one page summary of your business experience and contact information including a telephone number.

Desired Skills and Experience

LMI’s success is built upon a proven business model in a growing market which spends in excess of 3.5 Billion dollars per annum. Throughout our organisation we have many wonderful and varied roles. The value we place on personal development is not only extended to our participants, but also to our partners within the LMI family.

About this company

LMI Canada Inc. specializes in results driven measurable bottom-line improvement through a unique process of management development. Our methods are designed to utilize the untapped potential of people that companies are already paying for. The process is structured to improve productivity and performance quickly.

The Company Stretch “The Slight Edge”
Once a company has a fix on where it is now and where it wants to go, which is part of our process, we mentor management to a new stretch in terms of bottom-line improvement, and personal growth, we call this “the competitive edge”.

Management Stretch
Using a unique personal profile system we help each manager identify strengths and development opportunities to assist them in reaching the new levels of personal performance needed to achieve the company stretch.

Ambitious Short Term Goals
Since performance is related to what transpires both on the job and off, we mentor each manager to set and achieve both personal and job related goals. This directly tie into the company’s new profitability and growth/change goals.

The Success Formula
When personal and organizational goals mesh, managers maximize the potential for success in everything they do.

The process also examines motivation and targets the needs for and benefits of attitude change as part and parcel of personal development and goals achievement. It clearly identifies what the motivation factors are for the new levels of success desired.

Skills and Performance Measures
While the process is designed to achieve attitude change and personal buy-in to the company’s vision and goals, it also deals with the skills management needs to drive the company to the new levels of performance.

The key is measurable, tangible, bottom-line improvement through a unique process involving ambitious short term goals, attitude and behavior change, self-motivation, skills improvement and performance tracking.

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